Prečo nakupovať u nás?
Prečo nakupovať u nás?

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Certifikovaný e-shop
Certifikovaný e-shop

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Vernostný program
Vernostný program

All customers of our Company NUMA s.r.o. are given extra points at the end of their purchase, those points can be applied at their future shopping and get discount.

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Vernostný program

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We can create a place for relax and pleasure in the style of Asia water garden.

Our company deals with import and sale of high-quality ornamental KOI fish from JAPAN, projection and realization of complete filtrating system for garden ponds. More information

All you need for your japan pond and KOI fish. We offer goods from renowned producers as OASE, Evolution Aqua, VELDA, SERA and FIAP.

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We choose from our E-shop

  • TMC Pro Clear Ultima 55 W

    Using ultraviolet light, UVC units destroy the green, single-celled water borne algae which make garden ponds murky and unattractive. As no chemicals are used, there is no danger of pollution or over treatment of the water and sensitive plant and pond life is not affected. At the heart of each UVC unit is an ultraviolet lamp sealed inside a quartz sleeve. As water is pumped through the unit, ultraviolet light from the lamp destroys the algae, leaving the water clear. Suitable for ponds of up to 10,000…

    279,50 € Detail
  • KOI Showa

    KOI carp Classic Showa, import: 11/2015, Sansai, Sex: ♀

    1 950,00 € Detail
  • FIAP Algoxan 1kg

    longterm proven efficient product for algae control. The cell membranes of thread algae will be destroyed by the quick release of active oxygen during the oxidation. The algae die and resolve. Remaining thread algae float on the water surface can be removed or filtered out. • Algae control for water against filament algae • Granulate for spreading on algae surfaces • Release of active oxygen disintegrates filament algae and reduces mud sediments • Higher biological activity through enrichment…

    35,50 € Detail
  • OASE Filtoclear Set 12000

    Crystal clear ponds are natural thanks to the ideal combination of energy-efficient Aquamax Eco filter pump, and the Filtoclear pressure filter with integrated UVC. We have put together four BIOsys Filtoclear sets consisting of pump, filter, and UVC, as ideal combinations from the many possibilities, so that you can quickly find the combination that fits your needs. In the table below we recommend practical individual combinations and complete sets at a glance. BIOsys Filtoclear sets include Biokick…

    776,46 € Detail
  • Saki Hikari Balance 2 kg

    Saki-Hikari Basic with probiotics is a basic food with a balanced mixture of high-quality animal and vegetable proteins, vitamins and minerals. It gives your Koi outstanding body proportions and proper muscle development. Saki-Hikari Basic yields rapid fish growth and outstanding development. Basic is especially intended for adult koi when colour enhancement is not necessary. Hikari Saki helps make your filter more effective - a very important requirement for breeding and raising Koi successfully…

    48,50 € Detail
  • GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter

    The innovative GARDENA Water Smart Flow Meter allows targeted irrigation that is measured and mindful. At a glance, you can see 1. the water consumption per day, 2. the water consumption per season, 3. the water consumption per watering session 4. the current flow in litre per minute. The consumed water quantity can be read at any time on the large display and thereby controlled. With a single button for all functions, the Water Smart Flow Meter is easy to use. Until now, irrigation has been a matter…

    27,50 € Detail
  • Book by Takashi Amano

    Nature Aquarium: Complete Works 1985-2009 by Takashi Amano. 265 pages of beautiful Aquascaping photos.

    99,00 € Detail
  • HELIX bio media 50l

    New type of floating or moving bio media. Also suited for trickle filters. Ø17 mm, height 15 mm. Surface area 720 m²/m³. Protected surface area is 589m²/m³ ! Because of the high protected surface area this media offers a very high biological filtration compared to other bio rings. Colour: white. On the displayed picture you can see the difference between new (white) biorings and “matured” bio rings with biofilm (darker colour).

    62,00 € Detail
  • OASE FlexiCut 2 in 1

    2 in 1 pond scissors that simultaneously hold the cut plants when cutting. The head with adjustable work angle protects the pond liner from cuts and enables convenient work. Also suitable for cutting other plants and thin branches

    40,50 € Detail
  • ECO-Pondchip

    The Eco Pondchip is a new development in (moving bed) filter media. The ECO Pondchips have their origin in the professional waste water treatment, but they have been further developed for usage in ponds. The green chip has a diameter of 20mm and is 1mm thick. The unique surface structure has a specific surface area for bacteria of 3500m2/m3- what is in average 5-7 times bigger than traditional bio-rings. As a result you need less of these chips than traditional bio rings. The Eco pondchips are made…

    95,50 € Detail
  • Praziquantel 25g

    Praziquantel for ornamental fish. This product is only available outside Slovakia!

    79,00 € Detail
  • Foam filter media 200x100x5cm

    High quality sheet reticulated foam can be cut to any size giving a large economical filter surface. Sponge is available in coarse, medium or fine density

    70,00 € Detail

News / Aricles

  • 01.12.2015

    Snow Alligator Gar

    Snow Alligator Gar - Atractosteus spatula - プラチナアリゲーターガー is a common freshwater fish in North America. Its platinum variety was bred in Asia for aquarium…

  • 21.08.2014

    KOI carps` gallery

    You will find amazing choice of the best KOI imported to Slovakia for our customers.

  • 29.11.2013

    Japanese pond inside our winter garden

    Pond inside the winter garden is a dream of every KOI carp enthusiast. It offers round-years pleasure and relax mainly during long winter days.