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Vernostný program

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  • Pontec PondoSolar 150

    Solar powered fountain insunlight – no need for mainspower. 150 l/h, 6 V pump, 1.4 watt solar panel. Includes 4 different nozzleheads. 45cm max fountain height.

    50,94 € Detail
  • Pontec PondoSolar 250 Plus

    Solar powered fountain insunlight – no need for mains power. Battery Back Up Forovercast conditions. 250 l/h, 6 V pump,3 watt solar panel. Includes 4 different nozzleheads. 60cm max fountain height.

    90,71 € Detail
  • Pontec PondoSolar 600 Control

    The solar fountain set Pontec PondoSolar 600 Control is suitable for smaller garden ponds, fountains and water features without the need to connect to a power source.

    The basis of the technology is a 7W solar panel, on which the sun\s rays fall and they are converted into electrical energy with a voltage of 12 V DC.
    The set is functional during the day in sunlight and does not contain a battery.
    The electricity produced by the solar panel serves as a source for the fountain…

    176,42 € Detail
  • Pontec PondoSolar 1600

    The solar fountain set Pontec PondoSolar 1600 is suitable for garden ponds and fountains without the need for connection to an electrical power source.

    The basis of the technology is two 10W solar panels, which fall on the sun\s rays and are converted into electrical energy with a voltage of 20 V DC.
    The set is functional during the day in sunlight and does not contain a battery.
    The electricity produced by the solar panel serves as a source for the fountain pump, which is…

    221,80 € Detail
  • Pontec Pondo Solar Lily Island

    Solar powered fountain insunlight Pondo Solar Lily Island – no need for mains power. Battery Back Up Forovercast conditions. 150 l/h, 6 V pump, 1.5 watt solar panel, Includes 4 different nozzleheads. 30cm max fountain height.

    59,59 € Detail
  • FIAP Solar Active Fountain

    The solar-powered fountain is an attraction for every garden pond. As soon as sunlight strikes the solar panel, the pump is put into motion. The FIAP Solar Active Fountain not only puts water into motion, but also provides your pond inhabitants with essential oxygen. Enjoy the gentle murmuring of water and just relax. The perfect solution for energy- and environmentally-conscious pond owners. Including 4 different fountain attachments

    149,00 € Detail
  • Set of 3 lights with solar panel

    The solar 3-SET spotlight is solar-powered amphibious light which has 3 lamps with 18 pcs LEDs and one 6V 420mA solar panel. Lights Waterproof Grade is IP68 with the adjustable head, it can be adjusted to 90 degrees. It will continuously light over 20 hours if it charged 8 hours by the enough sunlight. Auto sensor, the light can automatically charge itself at day time (enough sunlight) and light up in dark environment.

    Rechargeable Battery: 3.7V / 1800MAH

    85,50 € Detail
  • Solar Torch Lamp

    Solar Torch Lamp with gorgeous 96LED dancing flames design, creating the romantic feel for your party, barbecue, camping. It is perfect for landscaping: garden, yard, pathway, poolside, patios or any outdoor environment. Transform your yard into a tropical paradise.
    Auto On/Off - push the stake into the soil and they will turn on automatically at night and turn off automatically at dawn!
    Waterproof and Durable - designed with ingress protection level IP65 waterproof, heatproof, get more…

    44,50 € Detail
  • Lotus Flower Solar

    It is a solar light that powered by the sunlight in the day time. Beautiful Lotus Flower design makes your yard distinctive and attractive. Low power consumption and energy-saving. Great for garden, yard, balcony decoration.

    Material: Silk cloth + stainless steel
    Solar Panel: 52*52mm 2V 60MA polycrystalline silicon
    Battery: 1.2V AAA 600Mah NI-MH battery
    LED Color: White Light
    Lamp Total…

    23,30 € Detail
  • Solar LED Pyramids

    Solar LED Pyramids is a set of 2 pyramid-shaped lights in the paving or lawn. IP65 degree of protection includes a 5.5V / 0.65W solar panel that recharges the Ni-MH integrated 1.2V600mAh battery, which supplies 3pcs of LED chips. The luminaire includes an automatic sensor that turns on the light after dark. After 8 hours of full charge, the light is on for about 8 hours.

    34,90 € Detail
  • Garden solar lighting 9 LEDs

    Garden solar lighting with 9 LED Chips. During the day, the built-in battery is charged and in the evening the light is turned on automatically.

    - Light color: Cool White/Warm White
    - Bright 9 LED chips, 600LM
    - Working time: 8-12 hoursh
    - Charging time: 8 Hours under direct sunlight
    - solar panel(14cm*18,5cm)
    - Battery: Lithium 18650 3.7V 2200mAh
    - Special Application:In ground Lights,pool lights
    - IP65 waterproof

    65,00 € Detail
  • Automatic Solar Koi Feeder

    Automatic Solar Koi Feeder powered by a photovoltaic panel.. Suited for moist weather conditions. Easy to install. The lid has a special compartment for silica gel/desiccants to keep the food extra dry. Can hold up to 8 liter of food. Easy to expand to 15 liters by adding an extra container on top. Can feed pellets from 3 to 10 mm. Not suited for dried shrimps/insects.

    ✔ 1 - 6 feeding times per day.
    ✔ Adjustable food amount from 5 g to 3 kg per day.
    ✔ 0 - 9 days interval…

    169,99 € Detail
  • Solar Dome Premium

    Solar Dome Premium extend your swimming-pool season. Heat your water with solar energy. Reduces heating costs. Works with every type of pool pump. Easy to install. You can combine more than one solar pump to increase the capacity.

    - Internal and external dome: UV-resistant polycarbonate.
    - Bottom plate: fibre-glass reinforced polypropylene.
    - Hose: UV-resistant polypropylene mixed with black carbon.
    - Conduction of solar radiation: 95 %.
    - Parabola reflection :…

    477,60 € Detail
  • Solar Pond Aerator

    Solar aerator pond with photovoltaic panel with built-in rechargeable battery 3.7V 2000 mAH.

    Scope of delivery: solar panel, air motor, adjustable panel bracket, air hose 200 cm, air stone.

    79,99 € Detail
  • Solar Power Fountain 200 l/hod

    The solar powered fountain is ready for immediate use without electricity. The set includes a solar panel with a power of 2.5 W, a fountain pump with a flow rate of 150 l / h with a displacement of 60 cm and 3 effect jets for various fountain effects.

    49,50 € Detail

All you need for your japan pond and KOI fish. We offer goods from renowned producers as OASE, Evolution Aqua, VELDA, SERA and FIAP.

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