Prečo nakupovať u nás?
Prečo nakupovať u nás?

- We do not only offer goods but also our service with 10 years experience.
- We are here to help you with technical solution and your own pond realization.
- Our work and references stand for us.
- Do call us before your order and we will guide you through.
- We give two years guarantee for all goods bought in our e-shop.
- Fill free to come and see the products we used in our own ponds.

Certifikovaný e-shop
Certifikovaný e-shop

- We hold the first position on market in Slovakia approved by Slovak Association of Electronic Commerce - SAEC.
- This certificate from Slovak Association of Electronic Commerce (SAEC) guarantees that everything from the very beginning till the last step will come off the best.
- Every reclaim is take seriously.
- We respect the laws about personal data, that is also stated in the Office for Personal Data in Slovakia, with the given registered number - 201416903.

Vernostný program
Vernostný program

All customers of our Company NUMA s.r.o. are given extra points at the end of their purchase, those points can be applied at their future shopping and get discount.

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Vernostný program

- Free Express Shipping over 3.000 € via FedEx or GLS over European Union.
- Each of our products has an information whether it is or not currently on stock or what is the time of being on stock, so you have got a chance to check the time of delivery.

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  • Stone Imitation Bonsai Ceramic Vase

    Stone Imitation Handmade Ceramic Flower Vase Ornaments Fleshy Hydroponic Coarse Pottery Water Flowers Inserted In Japanese with sign TEA.

    19,90 € Detail
  • Porcelain magnet KOI

    Porcelain KOI carps with magnet. 6 pieces

    22,00 € Detail
  • Porcelain Tancho 6cm

    Hand-painted porcelain KOI carp Tancho Kohaku

    from 3,00 € Detail
  • Wall Decoration - KOI with lotus

    Wall Decoration - KOI with lotus - 3D Stereo Resin. Length of KOIs 20 cm, water lily size 15x13,5 cm.

    45,00 € Detail
  • Locket for Love

    from 8,50 € Detail
  • Pendant with Tancho Koi

    Tancho Koi Fish Pendant Jewerly as gift for women, 925 Sterling Silver & Zirconia. Weight: 20 g.

    from 9,99 € Detail
  • Envelope

    6,00 € Detail
  • KOI flags

    Japan KOI flags with Kohaku, Sanke and Showa. Package: 3 PCS • Flag size: 50x180 cm

    70,50 € Detail
  • Hikari stick-on label V2

    Hikari stick-on label of Kohaku, Shusui and Goshiki.

    6,00 € Detail
  • Ceramic bowl with KOI for Incense Cone

    Backflow Incense Burner Creative Ceramic Incense Cone Holder Aromatherapy Censer for Home Office Living Room Teahouse. One Incense Cones Aroma Sandalwood included.

    from 4,50 € Detail
  • Wooden Japanese Pencil Case

    Wooden Japanese Pencil Case - pencil box is made of High-quality wooden material, with smooth surface, environmental-friendly, natural and durable to use. The box cover could be pulled or taken down for easy take and put pencils, the box is used for store pens, pencils, erasers and sharpener etc. It is lightweight and has a suitable size, very easy and convenient for you to carry and put in your schoolbag or handbags. It is not only a pencil box, but also a storage box, you also could use it to store…

    14,50 € Detail
  • Bamboo Incense Burner Incense Stick Holder

    Bamboo Incense Burner Incense Stick Holder With Drawer Joss-stick Box Hollow Aromatherapy Zen Lying Censer Home Office Teahouse

    29,50 € Detail
  • Japanese bamboo box

    Japanese bamboo incense stick box is made of natural bamboo. It contains a non-flammable pad on which a lighted incense stick is placed and closed with a decorative perforated lid with two magnets.

    15,90 € Detail
  • Japanese Canvas Casual Shopping Handbag Wave

    Wave Pattern Fashion Women Canvas Causal Shopping Handbag Coin Purse key Package Japanese style female small wrist bags Bracelet bag

    9,50 € Detail
  • Japan Cotton Gift Bag

    Japan Cotton Gift Bag 13 x 17 cm.

    3,50 € Detail
  • Round Japanese Hand Fan

    Round Japanese Hand Fan is an ideal gift for every woman as gift.

    19,50 € Detail
  • Spirited Away No Face Man Miyazaki Hayao Rollerball Gel Pen

    Spirited Away No Face Man Miyazaki Hayao Rollerball Gel Pen - 守护神 - Guardian deity. It is a character appearing in Hayao Miyazaki\s animated film called Sen and Tikiro Spirited Away. It means God that protects from evil, such as guardian god. Price for 2 pieces.

    11,50 € Detail
  • Japanese Tea Container

    Decorative metal box for Japanese tea with Japanese sakura theme.

    4,90 € Detail
  • Japanese rice 2 kg

    Original Japanese rice suitable for preparing sushi, nigiri or for everyday consumption. This Koshihikari rice is originally grown and imported from Japan. Please note that in Europe, the \Japanese Rice\ offered, for the most part, only a packaging evoking Japanese origin, but the country of origin is usually Italy.

    39,50 € Detail
  • Case for iPhone Taoism Koi

    Case for iPhone with Taoism elements of Tai Chi with Koi in Jin Yang position. Please note the model from the selection: 6, 6PLUS, 6S, 6S PLUS, 7, 7PLUS, 8, 8PLUS, X, XR, XS, XS MAX, 11, 11 PRO, 11

    29,70 € Detail
  • The Matcha ZENsuo Candle Classic Pot

    Inspired by Zen meditation and profound health benefits of matcha, the Matcha ZENsuo Candle Classic Pot is created to invigorate the senses and elevate cognitive fitness.

    It helps aid in meditation and creating a refreshing atmosphere. Combined with the brain boosting benefits of matcha, it makes an effective energizing booster to optimize attention, memory and presence of mind.

    Amazing Benefits:

    We recommend this as an excellent company for meditation…

    from 29,90 € Detail

All you need for your japan pond and KOI fish. We offer goods from renowned producers as OASE, Evolution Aqua, VELDA, SERA and FIAP.

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