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Prečo nakupovať u nás?

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Certifikovaný e-shop

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Vernostný program

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  • SERA Siporax 10 l

    Is a fully biological filter material for all internal, external and trickle filter systems, and for garden pond filters. 1 liter sera siporax provides as much settling area for bacteria as approximately 34 liters of ceramic filter material. Therefore 1 liter sera siporax ensures more than 200 liters of biologically clean aquarium water. sera siporax is an excellent choice for small filters. Prefilter with sera biofibres or sera filter wool to prevent large particles from entering the biofilter.…

    98,50 € Detail

    Special spiral shaped version of the wellknown bacteria home filter media. Due to the spiral shaped cut out the specific surface is increased and it improves water flow when stacked close to each other. Packed per 36 in a box (± 5 kilo). Settlement area per box (36 pcs.): Approx. 6,000 m2

    49,99 € Detail
  • Momotaro Bacteria house

    Bacteria home is one of the most advanced filter media on the market. It is made from special raw materials, treated under sophisticated high tec heating process (1800°C). The media’s surface consists of countless tiny porous irregular surfaces which provides the enormous surface for beneficial bacteria. Other advantages: Increases the valuable minerals and trace elements in the water, It breaks the water molecules to increase dissolved oxygen levels, Helps to remove toxic materials and heavy…

    210,00 € Detail
  • Nitrate resin 4l

    An ultimate weapon against blanket weed! Unique nitrate selective ion exchange resin which only removes nitrate! Even when the nitrate level is very low, no other substances which could lower the pH value (like calcium sulphate) are removed. This in comparison with other nitrate resins, which are known for years in the aquarium world. Operation: the nitrate ions are exchanged against harmless chloride ions. Advantages of this resin against conventional resins for nitrate removers: 1) High capacity,…

    from 108,50 € Detail
  • Zeolite 5l

    Zeolite is a natural power mineral. Its excellent filtering effect has been appreciated for decades. In the garden pond it makes an essential contribution to good water quality; its fine pores and channels have the space for storing pollutants, particularly ammonium. Useful microorganisms also take advantage of this situation and in addition to adsorption, also supports the decomposition of nitrogen compounds. Depending on the load, effective for approx. 125 days. Recommended application quantity:…

    from 15,00 € Detail

All you need for your japan pond and KOI fish. We offer goods from renowned producers as OASE, Evolution Aqua, VELDA, SERA and FIAP.

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