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Vernostný program

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  • Ozon Redox UV-C high pressure

    The Ozone Redox UVC has a special 75watt T5 UV-C lamp that generates ozone as well as UV-C at the same time. The lamp produces 600mg/h ozone and 25.000 microwatt of UV-C radiation output. The lamp produces ± 4000 hrs ozone & ± 9000 hrs of UV-C radiation. The Low Pressure version comes with an airpump that “pushes” the ozone out of the unit and a “static mixer” that mixes the ozone with water with virtually no pressure loss. This Low Pressure version must be fitted after the filter installation…

    1 139,00 € Detail
  • Sander S-500

    The Sander Certizon range of ozonizers offer from 25 mg/h to 500 mg/h of ozone output. All Certizon ozonizers are equipped with a trimmer for easy and continuous adjustment. The ozone element can be cleaned easily, if required. The light and compact design can be installed and operated on a bench or mounted to a wall.

    from 1 103,00 € Detail
  • Sander Redox Potential Measuring and Regulating Unit

    The redox meter switches an ozone generator on when it is below the desired value, and will switch it off when this set value is reached. This gives you control over the ozone dosage to the water and is a essential element in the system. The redox meters come with calibrated electrode (sensor) which should be replaced every 2 years. A universal model with a 230V plug outlet that will be switched on/off,

    549,00 € Detail
  • KOI O3 Generator 1000

    KOI O3 Generator is a device designed to produce ozone from the air and is used in garden KOI ponds. Ozone production 1000 mg / h. The reference value is about 5 mg ozone / hour per 100 liters of pond water. To determine the amount of ozone, we recommend measuring the redox potential using a Sander Redox measuring and control instrument. This device automatically turns on and off the ozonator according to the set value.

    249,90 € Detail
  • Replacement Ozone UVC lamp (75 watt)

    The optimal life-span of the T5 lamp regarding UV-C is ± 9000 hrs. For the ozone producing part this is about 4000 hrs. After this period of time the intensity decreases. When you replace the lamp in March there will be enough ozone-production for the whole season (from March to September) and there will be enough UV-C radiation for a whole year!

    169,00 € Detail
  • Replacement quartz sleeve for Ozone Redox

    Replacement quartz sleeve for REDOX

    125,00 € Detail
  • Electronics for REDOX

    Spare transformer to lamp REDOX including screwing a bracket lamp

    303,50 € Detail
  • Redox Ozone resistant check valve

    Check Valves are designed for uni-directional flow control of fluids and gases in industries such as chemical processing, oil and gas production and transmission, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, power and utilities. The CO Series Check Valve is particularly suitable for applications requiring high integrity leak rates and re-sealing capabilities.

    61,40 € Detail
  • Ozone reactor

    Oxygen / Ozone Reactor are used for increasing oxygen levers or adding ozone to water. They are efficient at doing this because they provide a large water to gas surface interface where exchange can take place, in a confined area. The unit operates under a small amount of pressure, 0.25 PSI, and this enhances the efficiency of the gas exchange, yet still permits the unit to be operated on a low energy, low pressure pump and low pressure oxygen supply systems, thus the units are economical and efficient.…

    999,00 € Detail
  • Static mixer

    The “static mixer” comes with standard 6 mm air hose connectors and can instantly be connected to the existing air supply. The “static mixer” mixes the air with the water flow. The Stainless steel blades assure an optimum mix of air with the water due to the circulation of the water. Also these blades “smash” big air bubbles, into smaller air bubbles which ensures better oxyge absorption. The static mixer has a relatively low resistance so that economical pumps can be used. Optimum flow…

    299,00 € Detail
  • Silica 500

    The Air Dryer AD-500G filled with extremely absorbent silica beads removes almost all moisture from the ambient air. Equipped with filters at its air inlet and outlet, it dramatically reduces particles entering to your ozone generator and hence reduces the risk of the second pollution. Best of all, it will increase the efficiency of your ozone generator. The Air Dryer AD-500G is user-friendly. The silica beads turn from dark blue to a pink color when filled with moisture. The silica beads can be…

    59,50 € Detail
  • pH ORP digital meter 24hod

    Digital pH ORP (2 in 1) meter for continuous 24 hour ORP

    333,00 € Detail

All you need for your japan pond and KOI fish. We offer goods from renowned producers as OASE, Evolution Aqua, VELDA, SERA and FIAP.

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