Prečo nakupovať u nás?
Prečo nakupovať u nás?

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Certifikovaný e-shop

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Vernostný program

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Vernostný program

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  • Tropical D-ALLIO PLUS GRANULAT 22g

    Multi-ingredient granulated food with garlic (30%) for discus and other fish with high nutritional requirements, including marine fish. D-ALLIO PLUS GRANULAT offers the benefit of the long-known and valued properties of garlic (Allium sativum L.) which reinforces fish’s organism and enhances digestive processes. High nutritional value, optimally balanced vitamins and trace elements together with the properties of garlic, make D-ALLIO PLUS GRANULAT an indispensable food for fish adapting to new…

    2,00 € Detail
  • Tropical D-50 PLUS GRANULAT 22g

    Tropical Discus Gran D-50 Plus is a colour-enhancing food in the form of sinking granules with high (50%) content of protein for young and adult discus and other fish, particularly very demanding species. Its characteristic feature is high content of best quality protein, rich in essential amino acids. It ensures healthy growth and development of young fish and encourages spawners to reproduce. High content of natural astaxanthin intensifies coloration and enhances fish’s overall condition. Beta-glucan…

    2,00 € Detail
  • Tropical Super Spirulina Forte Chips 5 l

    Slowly sinking chips with high content (36%) of Spirulina platensis algae. Recommended especially for omnivorous and herbivorous cichlids and marine fish with high nutritional needs.

    79,50 € Detail
  • Tropical Krill Chips 5 l

    Super tasty, colour-enhancing fish food with krill. Multi-ingredient, colour-enhancing food in the form of chips with a high content of krill (40%). Intended for everyday feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous fish in marine and freshwater tanks. Due to its exceptional palatability, it proves particularly effective in feeding fish not familiar with prepared foods (wild caught fish) and fish with high nutritional demands. Krill provides valuable protein, amino acids, chitin, unsaturated fatty acids,…

    95,00 € Detail
  • Tropical Discus Gran Wild 5 l

    Multi-ingredient food in the form of slowly sinking granules with the addition of algae, krill and fruit. Intended for everyday feeding of wild discus and other demanding species of wild-caught fish. Thanks to their delicate texture, the granules soften quickly in water and hence are eagerly accepted by wild-caught fish. They contain the following algae: spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) and Ascophyllum nodosum and Laminaria digitata, referred to as kelp algae. Unsaturated…

    42,00 € Detail
  • Tropical Soft Line Arowana Size XXL 1000ml

    AROWANA XXL is a premiumline soft food in the form of floating sticks for young and adult arowanas, which contains herring and insect larvae providing high-quality protein and fatty acids Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. It intensifies fish’s coloration thanks to the high content of carotenoids from krill, shrimps, calanus, red pepper and the addition of natural astaxanthin. High dose of beta-glucan improves fish’s immunity and exceptional palatability and texture of the food encourage fish to feed.…

    17,50 € Detail
  • Hikari Vibra Bites 280g

    Vibra Bites™ 280 g is another Hikari® world first, a blood-worm-like stick that offers outstanding nutrition and color enhancing capacity you have to see to believe. An outstanding addition to any daily feeding plan, this uniquely formulated diet will offer growth and immune system support too!

    Carefully selected color enhancing ingredients and the scientiically blended nutrient mix help bring out the brilliant colors of your fish, rapidly!
    We developed a unique stick that readily…

    27,00 € Detail
  • Aquarium Fish Spirulina Tablets 100g

    Spirulina tablets for aquarium fish 100g contain 100% pure spirulina of premium quality. The tablets are gently pressed and contain no binders or other additives. It strongly supports the coloring of aquarium fish, health, vitality and immunity.

    9,49 € Detail
  • Whiteworms

    Whiteworms - Enchytraeus albidus are an interesting fish food source for many critters. They will survive under water for several days. Ideal temperature is 16 degrees. Whiteworms do enjoy temperatures significantly cooler that the Grindal Worms. Starter cultures !

    15,00 € Detail
  • Insect Food for Omnivorous Fish 100g

    Insect Food for Omnivorous Fish 100g is a complete floating food with a high content of larvae of various insects and proteins to support growth. Insect Food for Omnivorous Fish are 100% free of fishmeal and fish oil and are therefore best suited for omnivorous fish. The traditionally used fish meal has been replaced by various insects and their larvae. The feed also contains astaxanthin to support the vibrant colors of your fish. Insect Food for Omnivorous Fish is produced in the form of larvae,…

    12,50 € Detail

All you need for your japan pond and KOI fish. We offer goods from renowned producers as OASE, Evolution Aqua, VELDA, SERA and FIAP.

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