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Vernostný program

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  • BioStabil 1kg

    Improves water quality within a short time to provide a stable pond environment for Koi and other Coldwater fish whilst maintaining a consistent natural PH value, a stable alkalinity (KH) level and neutralises ammoniac and heavy metals. Fish vitality will greatly improve together with enhanced colour intensity. For fish vitality and enhanced colour. Crystal water and natural pond environment. Neutralises ammoniac and heavy metals. Maintains natural KH & PH values. Dosage: Use 100gm of BioStabil per…

    from 47,00 € Detail
  • OASE AquaActiv PondClear 500 ml

    Binds mineral substances that cause turbidity. Binds organic substances from fish waste or leaves that cause turbidity. Effective against fine, non-filterable pollutants such as phosphates and heavy metal combinations. Includes GH quick test. Not suitable for algae control. Container size 500 ml/Suitable for ponds up to max. 10 mł. Container size 5 l/Suitable for ponds up to max. 100 mł

    from 16,08 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift Flocculant Plus 1 l

    Microbe-Lift Flocculant Plus for clear water is a proprietary formulation used to coagulate suspended solids in the pond water. After use, particles in the water settle to the bottom of the pond and/or filter out through the filter system. Clears cloudy water. Safe for aquatic life and plants. Attracts suspended particles. Improves filtration.

    39,95 € Detail
  • FIAP Schlamm EX 1.000 ml

    Purely biological mud remover for every pond. Each pond builds mud and it is important to prevent regularly a putrefaction process. Through a putrefaction process the water will start to get cloudy and smells bad. Premium quality to remove mud sediments.

    from 44,50 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue Colorants

    Specially formulated to safely color lakes, lagoons, decorative ponds, fountains, and water features a beautiful shade of blue. Will not stain birds, fish, pond rocks, or most concrete fountains once diluted. Safe for humans, plants, and aquatic life. Colors the water with a beautiful blue color. Blocks specific beams of light. Decreases organic waste. Decreases unpleasant scents. No limitations for swimming, irrigation or fishing. Makes unsightly water more attractive. Mixes completely in hours.…

    24,50 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift Ammonia remover 1 l

    Neutralizes toxic ammonia, chloramines and chlorine. Is safe for everything that lives in the pond. Ammonia Remover gives beneficial bacteria time to multiply and recover if the biological filter gets damaged keeping pond fish from being stressed. Use Ammonia Remover preferably after refreshing or adding tap water. Also use when the pond is over-populated with fish. Every ounce removes 1.25 ppm of toxic ammonia by forming an irreversible complex to reduce free ammonia to safe levels. Neutralizes…

    38,50 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift Phosphate Remover 1 litre

    The ultimate remedy in phosphate removal for fresh water. Use Microbe-Lift / Phosphate Remover for starting up a new pond. this guarantees low phosphate concentrations. To clear the pond from phosphate successfully, it is necessary to use Phosphate Remover regularly in new or existing “mature” ponds. MICROBEL-LIFT/POND PHOSPHATE REMOVER is a polymeric blend with outstanding qualities, including the ability to tie-up large quantities of phosphate without negatively influencing the pond water in…

    from 37,50 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift AQUA XTREME 1 l

    Microbe-Lift/AQUA XTREME is a convenient liquid, single-phase, full-function water conditioner that has been scientifically formulated for use in koi and goldfish ponds. Microbe-Lift/AQUA XTREME should be used when: conditioning new water for ponds; adding (or prior to adding) water, new fish or plants to ponds; and transporting koi and goldfish. It is very important to use Microbe-Lift/AQUA XTREME when adding water to a pond that contains chloramines. Conventional dechlorinators will detoxify the…

    30,00 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift 7.5 pH Buffer Stabilizer

    Offers the following advantages, if used according to the indications: \Buffers\ the pH value and helps preventing extreme pH oscillations. Harmless to fish and plants. This jar treats over 12.000 litres of pond water. The major function of this pH buffer is the prevention of pH oscillations and maintaining the water on a solid value of 7.5. Usage: to LOWER the pH value and maintain at 7.5: Add 4 leveled off scoops of the provided spoon per 450 litres of pond water. To HIGHER the pH value and maintain…

    88,00 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift pH Decreaser 1 l

    Apply MICROBE-LIFT pH DECREASE in several steps and measure increased pH before next addition. If your pond contains fish and/or plants, do not dramatically decrease your pH levels more than 0.5 pH unit in a 24 hour period, as not to shock aquatic life and fish.

    29,50 € Detail
  • Microbe-Lift pH Increase Plus 1 l

    Apply MICROBE-LIFT pH DECREASE in several steps and measure increased pH before next addition. If your pond contains fish and/or plants, do not dramatically raise your pH levels more than 0.5 pH unit in a 24 hour period, as not to shock aquatic life and fish.

    29,50 € Detail
  • TRIPOND Phosphat Minus 5 kg

    Remotes Phosphate out of the pond water. Unwanted algae stop growing by nutrient removal. Mud reduction. High efficiency. 100 g Phosphat Minus removes 15 g pure phosphate

    from 36,50 € Detail
  • FIAP pH Plus

    High concentrated, quick dissolvable acid granulate for increasing the ph-factor in ponds. Fast increase of the ph-factor. Dosage see table below

    24,90 € Detail
  • Oase AquaHumin 10 l

    Special peat for garden ponds. Free from chemical additives, nematodes, pathogens and substances toxic to plants. 30-45% humic acid. Softens the water. Lowers the pH value. Reduces algae growth. Clarifies murky water. Restores the biological balance

    26,00 € Detail

    The Pond Zinger™ is a pond clarification product designed and formulated for backyard ponds. It is made of safe, non toxic, polymers and safely removes algae from ponds, creating a healthy ecosystem with clean, clear, beautiful water, where aquatic life can thrive. Attached to a fountain, bubbler, aerator, the steps of a waterfall, or at the end of a filter system, the Pond Zinger™ slowly dissolves, releasing its components into the pond where excess nutrients, such as Phosphorous, bind together…

    39,50 € Detail

All you need for your japan pond and KOI fish. We offer goods from renowned producers as OASE, Evolution Aqua, VELDA, SERA and FIAP.

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