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Code: USB-AIR Availability: In Stock

USB AIR STONE is a portable Oxygen Pump suitable for pluging in a car when transporting fish. There is no sound during work. Can use up to 50 hours with 10000 mAh power bank.

  • Q max: 90 l / hour.
  • Power consumption: 3 W
  • Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 36 mm
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  29,50 € incl. VAT
24,58 € without VAT

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  • Assembled KOI Transport Tank

    Assembled container designed for transporting fish in the car. Very strong UV resistant quality material, harmless to fish. The fish transport tank, which features the same easy assembly and disassembly as the show tanks, is designed to fit in the back of a truck or van. The fish will not be damaged by the walls during the change of speed as they are transported in conventional plastic tanks. We recommend filling up to 300 liters. Four zip fasteners against water splashing. The container fits in the trunk of an Estate and SUV.

    When using the air pump connected to the vehicle`s 12 Volt supply, the aeration delivered from the USB Air Stone will ensure constant high levels of oxygen together with carbon dioxide and ammonia being driven off.

    The container can be manufactured to your specification, so for a quotation please contact us with the sizes to fit your vehicle.

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  • Zippy transport vat

    The Zippy transporting System is manufactured to fit your vehicle you will never need to worry about polythene bags and boxes again. The ‘zippable’ cover keeps in both fish and water regardless of terrain and enables easy access. The Zippy is assembled to fit to Škoda Octavia Hatch without folding down the rear row of seats. So you can take 5 people at the same time as fish. In the Octavia trunk there is an excellent access from above for fish loading to the Zippy transport vat.

    Moving fish can often be a time consuming and difficult experience for you and a stressful time for your fish. Using the Zippy is a simple way to improve the whole process. Whether it is taking koi to an annual show, bringing new purchases home or just transporting them to your new house, Zippy makes the whole process simple.

    The Zippy can be assembled in minutes and is ready to use. Half fill with the water that the fish are currently swimming in and prepare for a stress free move. Once all of the fish are loaded and the `zippable` cover is closed they can enjoy the luxury of being transported safely in a greater volume of water than any boxed fish could. Your fish cannot damage themselves against the liner unlike rigid tanks. Coupled with this they are not in a sealed environment which means there are high levels of gaseous exchange. There is no need to worry about where to obtain heavy and cumbersome oxygen cylinders. When using the air pump connected to the vehicle`s 12 Volt supply, the aeration delivered from the USB Air Stone will ensure constant high levels of oxygen together with carbon dioxide and ammonia being driven off.

    The Zippy can be even manufactured to your specification to suit your needs, so for a quotation please contact us with the measurements to fit your vehicle.

    599,00 € Detail

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